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Gravity is a Wonderful thing!.

This is what an old man said to me just about half an hour ago. Waited for him to reach the elevator and he told me: “You made me miss my exercise.” I told him you can exercise on the way down the stairs, and he gave this phrase: “Gravity is a wonderful thing!”

Of course, 1st thing came to my mind was John Mayer’s song. But then I reply and I tell him, Everything is a wonderful thing. and what he said was pretty accurate: “More or less, yes, everything is wonderful” and the door of the elevator opens.. and conversation ends. 

But then the thoughts start to work, Gravity in the sense of it is nothing but a force to let us know and make sure that we have our feet on the ground, not a single inch higher. And we are to consider each other as people who are bound together by gravity. not only the force of the earth, but the force of each other. Feeling a bit higher in level than other people is nothing but a false hope, cause gravity makes sure you’re not any higher. 

In the Arabic culture there’s a famous quote that says: “Be beautiful, and then you shall see the world beautiful.” and seriously, Gravity is a wonderful thing, as a song, and as a power. :) 

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  1. ketabah said: When I first read this, I thought of gravity between people. How an invisible force, definitely beyond your grasp, pulls you towards certain people.
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