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Just looked at my last 10 posts and possibly all were IG photos. And you guys didn’t unfollow me!

I owe you guys real stuff I’m sorry… It’s just that I’m so stressed, beyond belief.. -_-

Back at it. Finally going back to #reading.. #vscocam

#reading #vscocam

Keep them open. (at CAP Creative Art Platform)
a man’s life.. (at Co Op Block 4 Sabah Alsalem)
This one’s for hope of what is coming next..
#Bellagio, a small town in #Lombardy, #Italy.

#bellagio #italy #lombardy

Look ahead with open cheer
Look ahead when raising spirits
Cause the one that made us wants us to spread joy amongst the living..* 
~Stuart Murdoch.  (at Dasman Complex)

"Let us be enraged about injustice, but let us not be destroyed by it."

- Bayard Rustin (via racismschool)

(via natavalexquisitecorpse)

He, who lives in the #shadows, will know no meaning of #light.. And those who are comfortable in the shadows, are those who are blind to the wonders of the universe, and the beauty of the existence..  (at Kuwait City)

#shadows #light

In a ceiling of a #masjid.
 (at Bader Al-Mailam Mosque)


"You don’t pass or fail at being a person, dear."

- Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane (via bookmania)

(via katherinethegray)

"Slow down you’re doing fine„
You can’t be everything you want to be before your time„
Although it’s so romantic on the borderline tonight.."

- Billy Joel. 

#billy joel #song lyrics #song quotes #music

أخبرني عن إيمان الضعفاء، والمغلوبين والمضطهدين.. أخبرني عن اليقين بالوعد الإلهي والعطاء الجزيل.. أخبرني عن ما بعد هذه، وما في هذه من شقاء، وما في تلك من هناء.. أخبرني عن الضعيف حين يضع رأسه على وسادته عالماً متيقّناً بالغدِ الأجمل الذي وُعِد به، رغم أنه قد لا يكون غداً.. ولا الذي بعده.. أخبرني عن أسعد الناس في هذه، من حاز ذلك الضّعف، وحاز معهُ الأملَ بالوعد..

A true believer’s guide to the heavens.. (at مسجد بدر محمد الميلم)