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"I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is?"

- Vincent van Gogh (via novemberkind)

(via story-dj)

"I believe there is something of the divine mystery in everything that exists. We can see it sparkle in a sun-flower or a poppy. We sense more of the unfathom-able mystery in a butterfly that flutters from a twig- or in a goldfish swimming in a bowl. But we are closest to God in our own soul. Only there can we become one with the greatest mystery of life. In truth, at very rare moments we can experience that we ourselves are that divine mystery."

- Plotinus

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Let me tell you a tale light.. A tale that started with Christians, then went to Muslims, then went back to Christians.. A history of art and appreciation, a history of religion and a place.. A tale of enlightenment and faith, of blood and cries, of forgiveness and acceptance of fate.. Of remorse and pain.. Of loss and gain..
The Mosque-Catedral of Cordoba, one of the few places where the original design was kept after the Muslims have left the place.. The church was expanded according to the Muslim architecture.. That place might be the only place where there’s a chapel near the Muslims “mihrab”.. An evidence of coexistence and peace, that we all strive to..
قصة مع النور..
من داخل مسجد-كاتدرائية قرطبة.. لعل هذا المكان هو المكان الوحيد الذي حافظ على تصميمه الأصلي بعد الحروب الصليبية ونزوح المسلمين عن الأندلس.. تم توسعة المسجد واستبداله بكاتدرائية، لكن لم يتم تغيير طريقة المعمار لجماله الخلاب في ذلك المكان..
لدرجة أنك لا تشعر أنك في كاتدرائية، لتميز المعمار الإسلامي ذلك الوقت بالنور والألوان، عكس الكاتدرائيات التي اشتهرت بطغيان اللون الرمادي والسقف الشاهقة.. مكان بحق جميل جداً.. الكاتدرائية الاولى قبل المسجد لم يهدم محرابها ووضع بجانبه محراب المسلمين، مكان عظيم على التعايش والرحمة.. (at Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba)
Me, Averroes, and Ice cream.
تمثال ابن رشد، خارج سور قلعة قرطبة..  (at Barrio de la judería, Cordoba)
The silent song..
The man stood staring for 10 minutes, into a huge valley of mountains and fields, with his 2 dogs by his feet.. The man was in his heart, and in his heart was the world..

 (at Parador de Ronda)


من الحمراء.. قصر بنو نصر، آخر من سكن الحمراء من أمراء المسلمين..
Al hambra palace, Nazaris: are the family of last rulers of Granada as a part of the Islamic empire.. (at Palacios Nazaríes)
Beautiful Sevilla, from the top of the Sevilla cathedral. #vscocam  (at Catedral de Sevilla)


Finally on vacation!
In Spain. Im finally out if family and study and work stress.. And when this is happening I’m sleeping before midnight and waking up at 8 am. Like a normal person.. Ohh how I needed this..

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