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Welcoming to the x-t1. A field test on a 1st day, on a hike.
Goodbye big DSLRs, welcome mirrorless. :) (at Miller State Park)
Let’s escape.. to each his own place, and his own home.. But we meet in what we see, and where we dream.. to dream is to live..  (at Charles River Esplanade)
“If I know only one thing, it’s that everything that I see„
Of the world outside is so inconceivable often I barely can speak..” ~ @fleetfoxesband (at Museum of Science, Boston)
A man named Dave. Told me he went to protests for 20-30 years. Doesn’t drive a car and he spends time in the woods and forests looking for peace. He taught me about the civil disobedience and Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson. He told me he refuses since 1991 to pay taxes to a country that kills people and cuts trees. He asked me why Muslims are so connected, and what does it mean to find “Devotion”. We reflected on the idea of serving others and our common history and goals as human beings. We talked about the idea of money and he asked me why some have so much and some have so little? and he says “Man has deviated from the path when he started creating borders between him and his brothers and sisters.” I told him about serving others in my religion and hope for humanity and he says “I bet you if Mohamad, Jesus, and Buddha were together in one room, they’ll be saying “Salut, Salut” to each other.” I learned from him about Ekhart Tolle. We talk about people and he says “You know Rumi? He’s one of the top 3 people in my life! how he breaks his own heart to let the light in! why? why and how do they do that?”.. pieces of 30 minutes..

#photography #people #street photography #portrait #boston

"What does it feel? *to love"
“It’s like an earthquake!"

- Gabriel Garcia Marquez

#reading #Gabriel Garcia Marquez #currently reading

Here we go.
#reading #currentlyreading #gabrielgarciamarquez #vscocam #books #القراءة #100yearsofsolitude

#vscocam #currentlyreading #gabrielgarciamarquez #القراءة #books #100yearsofsolitude #reading

A Boston bear taking a break..
#ayearinboston  (at Fenway Park)


A Bostonian panda. Chillin.
#ayearinBoston.  (at Fenway Park)


This place. 1 year.  (at HULT Masters)
at Williamsburg
"The hidden messages series." 1.
It’s a project I’m starting to find the messages in places you don’t normally see. Street captures. And #streetArt

#thehiddenmessagesseries  (at At Williamsburg)

#thehiddenmessagesseries #streetart

Saying goodbye. It’s a birthday, and a new journey starts with the year 29.
God bless me and protect me, and guide me to the right path..
تبدأ التاسعة والعشرين، وتبدأ رحلة بحث عن معنى جديد قديم..ربي سهل علي ووفقني، من أنا إلا بك وإليك..